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SCART is the name of a website with the purpose of helping Flemish cultural heritage institutions in preserving their audiovisual heritage. More information can be found on

Period: 2010 - ...

The increasingly faster evolution and obsolescence of technologies and formats, the leap from the analog to the digital realm, the ever growing number of audiovisual materials that are produced, … All of these are evolutions that form a great challege to those institutions who manage and safeguard cultural heritage collections and who have to take particular care of the preservation of their audiovisual collection materials. 

In order to guide these institutions and support them in the best possible way, PACKED vzw started since its erection in 2005 the development of an ever-expanding knowledge base around the problems that arise when preserving audiovisual heritage. The website provides a platform for this knowledge to be made available. The SCART website gives access to an ever-expanding pool of knowledge on the preservation of audio-visual heritage that is being created by PACKED vzw and its partner organisations. It aims to help memory institutions and others with the task of preservation. 

Initially conceived as ‘Platform for the Archiving and Preservation of Audiovisual Heritage’, PACKED has since January 2010 been active as centre of expertise in digital heritage. The organisation’s transition from umbrella organisation to centre of expertise implied a widening of the action radius, whereby the daily functioning became also aimed at non-audiovisual heritage and other types of heritage organisations.  

Despite its new role, the collection and dissemination of knowledge related to the preservation of audiovisual heritage remains one of the particular points of interests of PACKED vzw at present day. The SCART website is a way to continue the sharing of knowledge and information on audiovisual preservation in the best way possible and with all actors in the domain – institutions and professionals from the heritage sector as well as non-professional interested parties. The maintenance of a continuous dialogue on local and international level will be co-supported by this new website.  

The SCART website contains amongst others the Dutch and French translations of the IMAP preservation guide for media art and the interviews and articles that have been created in the framework of the project Obsolete Equipment - Preservation of Playback and Display Equipment in Audiovisual Art - in collaboration with the Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMk). Next to that, the website will offer the complete reports on a number of case study investigations that were performed on works from Flemish partner collections who participated in the project ‘Obsolete equipment’, as well as links to different other institutions, external resources, publications, online tools, services, etc. – all devoted to the preservation of audiovisual heritage and media art. Additionally, the SCART website (like the PACKED-website) is available in three languages (Dutch, French and English), in order to reach the widest possible audience.

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