Digital cultural heritage

As in other cultural fields the approach to cultural heritage is changing drastically under the influence of developments in technology and the network and information society. Cultural heritage is being increasingly transferred from analogue to digital format or is actually created digitally. It is catalogued in an electronic way, stored on servers or hard disks, made accessible online …

As such the term digital cultural heritage not only covers the digital or digitised content or collections, but also how we deal with digital content or collections.

New challenges

This thorough evolution from an analogue to a digital environment creates new challenges for the cultural heritage field with regard to the creation, the cataloguing, the storage, the distribution and exchange of (digital) cultural heritage sources. The priorities that are raised are linked to digitisation, sustainability and retrievability.

If we want to avoid any gaping holes that may occur in our (digital) cultural memory, the cultural heritage field has to create a sustainable and high-quality relationship with its digital heritage. For this purpose new forms of expertise need to be developed and exchanged on different levels.

Centre of expertise

PACKED vzw has grown from a platform organisation for the archiving and preservation of audiovisual arts into a centre of expertise for digital cultural heritage. On this website you will find information on the creation, cataloguing, storage, distribution and exchange processes for digital heritage sources, as well as on the archiving and preservation of audiovisual arts. It also offers a service of simple and accessible advice.

PACKED receives public funding from Ministerie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap / Ministry of the Flemish Community.

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